Ava’s 6th birthday cake request was for a Minions movie themed one, complete with Scarlet Overkill, Kevin, Bob and Stewart as characters on it.

We had been to see the movie together so I was really enthusiastic about this one… ok I’m enthusiastic about most of the cakes I’ve done, but particularly love doing movie themed ones.

Minions movie cake
Minions movie cake

The challenge with this one was to do Scarlet.  I had planned to have her standing up.  But I was having problems getting her dress right, the icing kept tearing, so change of plan I sat her down. This worked out better in the long run as she would have been quite tall.

I found the villian-con post image online and printed these to put around the sides of the cake.  I edited the conference date to Ava’s year of birth.

Ava loved the cake and had a fun birthday party with her friends.