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September 12, 2013

I can’t believe my granddaughter is 4 years old.  For her birthday this year she chose her own cake theme.  It did change a bit over time, she was planning ahead.

It started out she just wanted a strawberry on her cake.  Then later she upgraded that to a strawberry and a dog, followed by a strawberry, a dog and a cat.  Next Madeline was added to the list, she just loves the tales of Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.  The final addition was an angry bird.

Ok, so the challenge was how to put all these elements together in something that made sense….

Madeline and her dog Genevieve having a picnic in the park, and should be able to fit all the elements in.  Here’s how it turned out


Madeline, some strawberries in the bowl of fruit and a blue (angry) bird on the park bench in the background.

Genevieve and  the cat.

Genevieve the dog watching the  cat playing with the fringe on the picnic blanket.

The full scene

The full scene


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