Sugar flower bouquet

Earlier this year one of my lovely sisters got married. I help her out with the wedding cake. This was a great chance use some of my new sugar flower skills following attending a fantastic class with Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet the previous year.

I just adore Jacqueline’s flowers and style and did my best to capture the same.

Sugar flower bouquet
Sugar flower bouquet

The plan was to get the cakes supplied from a local store and my job was to do the decorating. They came iced with the base fondant already, unfortunately there were some issues with a couple of the cakes leaking so I had to do a quick bake to replace the top tiers. Gosh making wedding cakes is stressful!

I created and applied the lacework to the bottom tier.  This was done using a variety of flower cutters, veining and marking them by hand, sticking them on the cake, then going around and piping royal icing lace lines to join up the flowers. That whole process took quite some time.

The wedding venue was in Matakana, about a two hour drive away – a careful, slightly nervous drive!  I did have a cake repair kit with me in case there were any breakages on the way.  All was good and I got the cake assembled with plenty of time to get dressed and ready.  Phew!

She was very happy with the cake and had a great day, it was a beautiful wedding and they make a lovely couple.

Wedding cake
Wedding cake

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy a happy lifetime together.

Dora the explorer

I just realised I’d not done a post for Ava’s 2nd birthday cake.  Dora the explorer of course, as a favourite of nearly all 2 year old girls!  I had no kitchen due to some major renovations going on so had to borrow mum’s kitchen to make this one (lucky they were away on holiday) – Thanks mum 🙂

Here’ it is two layer, chocolate cake fondant iced.  I cheated a bit and bought the dora, boots and swiper figurines, but the rest is icing.

Dora the explorer cake
Dora the explorer cake

Christmas cakes 2011

Here are the cakes I made for family this christmas.

Christmas tree and presents cake
Christmas tree and presents
Choir boys Christmas cake
Choir boys Christmas cake
Poinsettia Christmas cake
Poinsettia design Christmas cake

For the two square ones I tried a different method for the lettering.  I used royal icing but piped the letters out on parchment then when dry transferred them to the cake.  I did a couple of sets which was good as i did break a few so was pleased to have some back ups.

I think I like doing the rectangle shaped cake for fruit cakes.  This time I tried a piping the lettering directly on the cake using two layers white on the bottom and a wriggly red top layer.  The poinsettia flowers were all piped royal icing.

The drop line experiment

After reading up on the stunning and intricate piping work that Eddie Spence does.  I thought I’d give it a try.  Thankfully I had a set of his step by step instructions to follow. It turned out quite well for a first attempt.  Though I think I need to work on getting my lines the same length and maybe being a bit more tidy.

Amazingly this was easier than I thought it would be, and I just love the way the loops seem to defy gravity. A steady hand is necessary and I did have to redo a couple that got knocked off.  I would not want to have to transport a cake like this anywhere, one bump in the road and it could all shatter.

Anyway here it is…

Drop line piping
The drop line piping experiment

Barbie Cake

It has been ages since I’ve posted anything.  That’s due to my kitchen being ripped out and new bigger and better one going in. It’s great to have so much space to work in, not to mention fabulous appliances!

Here’s the first decorated cake from the new kitchen.  A barbie cake for my neice Leeza’s birthday.

Barbie cake
Barbie cake

I didn’t have a special cake barbie so it just a regular one minus the legs (sorry Barbie, lucky they clip back on).