Ava’s 6th birthday cake request was for a Minions movie themed one, complete with Scarlet Overkill, Kevin, Bob and Stewart as characters on it.

We had been to see the movie together so I was really enthusiastic about this one… ok I’m enthusiastic about most of the cakes I’ve done, but particularly love doing movie themed ones.

Minions movie cake
Minions movie cake

The challenge with this one was to do Scarlet.  I had planned to have her standing up.  But I was having problems getting her dress right, the icing kept tearing, so change of plan I sat her down. This worked out better in the long run as she would have been quite tall.

I found the villian-con post image online and printed these to put around the sides of the cake.  I edited the conference date to Ava’s year of birth.

Ava loved the cake and had a fun birthday party with her friends.

Leeza’s family cake

My neice Leeza had a birthday recently, but to her dismay her party had to be delayed due to her having the chicken pox. She did not think that was fair. Poor wee thing it’s not fun to have the chicken pox, especially on your birthday.

I’m pleased to report she is well again now and we had a lovely birthday celebration for her in the weekend.  This year she wanted a cake with her family on it, a really lovely idea.

So, you know those ‘My Family’ car stickers, well they were the inspiration for this cake. It started out just black and white, but I just had to add colour! Leeza is the dancing girl in dressed in her favourite colour pink.

Leeza's family
Leeza’s family

Happy Birthday Leeza.

Oh, and for those who like the details, it was a chocolate cake, covered in fondant icing and the family characters were piped on in royal icing.

Dora the explorer

I just realised I’d not done a post for Ava’s 2nd birthday cake.  Dora the explorer of course, as a favourite of nearly all 2 year old girls!  I had no kitchen due to some major renovations going on so had to borrow mum’s kitchen to make this one (lucky they were away on holiday) – Thanks mum 🙂

Here’ it is two layer, chocolate cake fondant iced.  I cheated a bit and bought the dora, boots and swiper figurines, but the rest is icing.

Dora the explorer cake
Dora the explorer cake

Going to the zoo

This cake was for a two year old who was having his party at the zoo.  The giraffe and zebra were made from gumpaste. The cake is my favorite chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling covered with fondant icing.

Zoo cake
Zoo cake

Happy Birthday Ajay, hope you have a great birthday party!

Halloween cookies

It’s that time of year again… instead of sweets I thought I’d make some cookies.

Gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing – yummy.

Halloween Cookies
Halloween Cookies

Created using some new d-line Halloween cookie cutters I picked up.