Periodic Table of Elements Cookies

My baby is away at university, at the other end of the country. I miss him a lot and know he’d be studying hard for end of year exams. So I thought I’d send him some cookies to keep him going and help him with his studies.

Now I’m not a chemistry geek so when I had the idea to bake the period table of elements in cookies, I was not really aware just how many elements there are… 118! That’s a lot of cookies. With so many to bake I had to go with his all time favourite gingerbread cookies, decorated with royal icing.

I patted and rolled and baked the first batch, but on counting them out I was eight short. Oh what to do? Well after some pondering and egging on from friends and colleagues kindly offering to eat any extras, I baked a second batch, and am glad I did.

So here they are….

The period table in cookies
The period table in cookies

Thanks to my good friend (and chemistry teacher) Alex and her daughter Gracie for helping out with icing them all, and taking some of the extras off my hands. I’m sure Alex could have done them all from memory but I did have to use a cheat sheet.

I hope they had fun eating them.

Halloween cookies

It’s that time of year again… instead of sweets I thought I’d make some cookies.

Gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing – yummy.

Halloween Cookies
Halloween Cookies

Created using some new d-line Halloween cookie cutters I picked up.

Cut the Rope cookies

After a busy and stressful corporate work week I needed to relax a bit by baking something fun.  What’s more fun than the Cut the Rope game, that little monster is so cute, although you’ve got to watch out for those spiders! I do get a bit anxious when they’re getting too close – yes I’m a bit arachnophobic.

So came up with a set cookies themed on the game, the monster, stars, spiders, and of course the candy.

Cut the Rope cookies
Cut the Rope cookies

Baby shower

Soon there’ll be a new addition to the family – a sister for my grand-daughter.

So, that means baby shower time. I did a bit of baking for this. First up lemon cupcakes with a lemon swiss meringue buttercream icing and decorated with fondant baby bottle and bibs.

Baby shower cupcakes
Lemon baby shower cupcakes

Then for each guest to take home baby shower cookie favours. Gingerbread cookies with royal icing decorations.

Cookie favours
Baby shower cookie favours

Was a great baby shower, Kathleen did a fantastic job organising it all and cooking up a storm. This bubs is going to be spoilt with so many grandparents!

Cookie training aids

As some of you may know, by day I’m a web developer… well, at work I volunteered to run a basic html workshop for some of our team. Gosh, training takes quite a lot of preparation! I’m not a trainer by trade but have been on a number of training courses. So I based my plan on how I’ve been taught and what worked best and applied my own mental logic. (Helping or hindering here?)

Now I often cringe at games during training but have noticed it does get used a lot – gets people actively learning. So I thought I’d try to add something in that was not too hard and would be enjoyed. Hmmm now I know food is always appreciated during training so what better than home baked cookies.

And I could tie this in a bit given browsers use cookies to ‘remember’ things. So I made cookies with html tags on them, the idea being if you have a cookie you have to say something about that tag. Cookies were enjoyed, people participated. Hopefully they learned something along the way too.

Here’s some of the cookies. Part way through making them i did think about colour coding them, a bit late in the game so just the yellow ones were attributes rather than elements.

html cookies
html cookies

PS – Yes I know as a web developer you would expect a fancy site rather than a standard templated blog… well at home I’d rather bake than build websites 😉 …that’s all I’m going to say on that subject.