About me

I’ve been making cakes for family and friends for a while now and love every minute of it.

This site is to help me to keep track of what I’ve made and when, and so I can see how different themes and styles develop over time.

4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hiya Pauline !.
    My name is Hannah and i am a friend of Kasia’s. Youve made a farewell cake for my son back in july (Bye bye ajay & tane!) and i was wondering if your were able to quote me on a special 21st cake for my brother . The theme is Black & silver but havent really got an idea together for the actual cake. Maybe something like HAPPY 21ST JAYDEN . we would like the cake to be just one tier & chocolate .. the date of the bday is friday 26 august 2011.. are you able to get back to me and let me know if this is posible :). Many thanks, hannah .

  2. I have been asked to have a go at replicating your beautiful Dora cake for a friend’s daughter in Melbourne so have been trying to find the pic online so I know who to give a shout out to – don’t want to claim the credit for a design that isn’t mine : )


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