I’ve always wanted to do shoes on a cake, and for my friend’s daughter’s 21st I got to do just that. In all honesty it was a bit more than I bargained for as it wasn’t a standard pair of stilettos she was after, but platform boots with spikes running down the back!

Well I do love a challenge so got my thinking cap on. How to do this?! Thankfully I had plenty of time up my sleeve so could ponder on it for a while. Eventually I realised I’d better set to work and just give it a go.

Now I’m not a shoemaker or a seamstress so had to guess a bit at how to make a pattern that would work.  I started with the sole and set that to dry in shape (along with a few extra’s just in case). And did the same with the heels, and added the spikes. These also needed time to set before putting it all together.

A few days later I set to work and cut a pattern from paper that looked sort of right. Hmmm, when I tried to piece it all together it just wasn’t quite right, the pattern needed adjusting.  So set them aside and tried again. At this point I was thankful for the extra soles.

This time it worked better. It was very hard to stick it all together as the icing needed to be soft enough to mould without cracking but firm enough to stay in place. I stuffed crunched up Gladwrap (plastic wrap) in the shoe to help to hold the shape.


The cake itself was a triple layer chocolate with gnache filling, simply iced in white with black fondant lace around the front. This tied in with the black and white party theme, and black lace on the invites.