Cookie training aids

As some of you may know, by day I’m a web developer… well, at work I volunteered to run a basic html workshop for some of our team. Gosh, training takes quite a lot of preparation! I’m not a trainer by trade but have been on a number of training courses. So I based my plan on how I’ve been taught and what worked best and applied my own mental logic. (Helping or hindering here?)

Now I often cringe at games during training but have noticed it does get used a lot – gets people actively learning. So I thought I’d try to add something in that was not too hard and would be enjoyed. Hmmm now I know food is always appreciated during training so what better than home baked cookies.

And I could tie this in a bit given browsers use cookies to ‘remember’ things. So I made cookies with html tags on them, the idea being if you have a cookie you have to say something about that tag. Cookies were enjoyed, people participated. Hopefully they learned something along the way too.

Here’s some of the cookies. Part way through making them i did think about colour coding them, a bit late in the game so just the yellow ones were attributes rather than elements.

html cookies
html cookies

PS – Yes I know as a web developer you would expect a fancy site rather than a standard templated blog… well at home I’d rather bake than build websites 😉 …that’s all I’m going to say on that subject.

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