Baby shower

Soon there’ll be a new addition to the family – a sister for my grand-daughter.

So, that means baby shower time. I did a bit of baking for this. First up lemon cupcakes with a lemon swiss meringue buttercream icing and decorated with fondant baby bottle and bibs.

Baby shower cupcakes
Lemon baby shower cupcakes

Then for each guest to take home baby shower cookie favours. Gingerbread cookies with royal icing decorations.

Cookie favours
Baby shower cookie favours

Was a great baby shower, Kathleen did a fantastic job organising it all and cooking up a storm. This bubs is going to be spoilt with so many grandparents!

2 thoughts on “Baby shower”

  1. HI there These are goregous I was just curious as to were the little tags came from? Your cakes are beautiful!!!! Any tips for a learner with three daughters to create birthday cakes for!

    1. Thanks. The tags I made using images copied from a lovely baby shower card I found, just printed them up then stapled them on. Best tips for someone starting out would be to practice lots, have fun, and you’ll find your family and friends are always more than happy to be your taste testers!

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