Princess and Pirate cake

After being asked for a Princess and Pirate themed cake, I was a bit stumped as to how to do it.  I looked at a lot of pictures but just couldn’t feel it.  Thankfully Kate sent me some pictures and ideas as to what she wanted – two layers, the bottom one black with skull and crossbones.

Great, this gave me a starting point… and I’d been thinking single layer.  As ideas grew it was time to get stared first by making the princess and the pirate.

While he was headless I got a bit concerned that he was a bit too well dressed for a pirate and might look a bit feminine.  Add stubble my sister suggested.  Great idea, so I created the head, complete with stubble, added it on and he looked much more pirate like.


The princess was very delicate and fiddly.  This was a first making a long gown, had a couple of goes at it before getting it to sit right without tearing. I gave her lovely long black hair to match the real Kate, well a bit longer than Kate’s but you get the idea.


Lastly make the two cakes the bottom layer red velvet and the top chocolate. Crumb coated each then covered with the coloured fondant.  Very tricky in this heat and humidity – everything seems way to0 sticky.

The completed cake
The completed cake

The cake was a hit, the party was great fun.  Happy 21st Kate!

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