9 (movie)

I’ve been wanting to do this cake since I first saw the movie!  So, what a great excuse to purchase it on DVD.  Watching the movie while making the characters really helps to get the feel of the theme going!

The cake was for my eldest son’s birthday (would have been cool to make this for a 9-year-old but he’s a bit older than that now).  He didn’t have a theme in mind for a cake so gave me free reign to work on something hard!

So the cake is chocolate, chocolate fondant iced and the characters are made from gumpaste (and pasta).  The backdrop is gumpaste too.

6 was my most favourite of the characters – love the contrast of him on the dark chocolate.  I had help from my youngest son who drew 6’s sketch for me – fantastic job on that!

9 (movie)
9 (movie) - characters are 2, 5, 9 and 6

Lily, roses and jasmine for Alex

My wonderful friend Alex is having her 40th. A few weeks before we were out for a walk around our neighbourhood feeling very blessed having such lovely beaches at our doorstep. On our way we were talking about how special things look up close – you know when you really look. We were admiring flowers and came across some Jasmine. This sparked a conversation about favourite flowers and became the inspiration for Alex’s cake.

Jasmine and lilies are two of her favourite flowers, so what’s could be more perfect for her cake.  I also popped some roses in there to fill in the gaps.

Lily, jasmine and roses.

This was my first attempt at doing both of these flowers and first go using wire – I usually prefer to have completely edible things on the cake but made an exception this time.