Blue ladybird

Which is the right term ladybird or ladybug? … ¬†ladybird, ladybird, fly away home…. I’ll go with that one ūüôā

Either way my¬†niece, who always chooses to have her face painted as ladybird, wanted a ladybird cake for her birthday. ¬†Only it had to be a blue one ’cause that’s her favourite colour – of course!

So here it is…

Blue ladybird
Blue ladybird

Was a chocolate cake, with (black coloured) chocolate fondant then the blue fondant layered over that.

Side view
Side view

Antennae were added at the last minute, they needed to harden a bit before being put on, so weren’t on when I took these pics.

Go Wigan Athletic!

This cake was for a Wigan Athletic football fan…if you couldn’t have guessed.

Wigan Athletic shirt
Wigan Athletic shirt cake

Fondant icing over a vanilla cake, the Wigan Athletic logo was hand painted.  The cake turned out so large I had to make a special board for it.  Covered MDF board with brown paper, then clear cellophane.

It was for a a young boy’s birthday, but would do for any adult as well I think.

Cookies – pastel hearts and flowers

A lovely friend of mine was having a birthday, so I whipped up these cookies for her.

Cookies - inside the box

They’re a light gingerbread cookie with royal icing. ¬†I decided to stick to a pastel colour collection of pink, yellow, green, and had to test the teal colour I’d recently purchased. ¬†After mixing it i did remember I don’t really like blues for food, but they all looked lovely together.

The packaging worked really well too, make inserts to keep the cookies stacked nicely, worked a treat.

These types of cookies are a huge hit at school, my son thinks his friends have become addicted to them.  Nothing beats home baking.

Cookies - boxed
Boxed and ready to go

Rachelle Anne Miller inspired cake

I was trying out a different technique for this one.  The design was inspired by Rachelle Anne Miller, I saw another cake done like this and loved the effect.

Happy Birthday

The bright colours worked really well here.  The cake was for a mother of three children so tried to incorporate that into the design.  Hope this special lady had a wonderful birthday.

The cake is a chocolate one, covered with fondant icing.


This was a chocolate cake with buttercream filling and fondant iced.  For a competitive swimmer turning 50.

Swiming race