When baking the Kiwi cake I had a quite a bit of leftover fruit cake mix so baked a 6″ round cake with it. I knew that it would get eaten by my colleagues at Monday morning tea (a regular office home baking event).  My sister arrived to ice some cookies, so I piped some daisies while she worked on her fantastic kiwi and NZ cookies.  They dried over night so I was able to stick them on the following day – leftovers suddenly looked quite pretty.

Leftovers never looked so good

Kiwi kid’s cake

This cake was for my nephew, who was back in NZ for a visit.  His request was for a fruit cake and the design he picked out from one of my cake books (Party Cakes for Kiwi Kids by Annette Hislop & Linda Ross).

Kiwi cake (front)
Front view
Back view
Back view

Yes, that’s a kiwi egg nestled in the bushes.

New equipment

I have some new cake tins – the small rounds about 6cm.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with these.  The plan is to test these out on a series of ANZAC cakes.  Keep an eye out for these in the coming week.

Also on the books for this week is a NZ themed cake.

Suitcase wedding cake

A wedding cake for my little sister.  Each layer was a different flavour; maderia, chocolate and fruit cake. Fondant icing, and roses. The bride and groom were off the shelf purchases.

Suitcase wedding cake
Suitcase wedding cake