Chocolate fondant covered chocolate cake with royal icing butterflies.  Another from Peggy Porschen’s designs. First tiered cake.




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4 Responses to “Butterflies”

  1. cakesforfun Says:

    Thats a very elegant cake. You really did a great job. Did you make the chocolate fondant on your own? If thats the case it would be really great to get to know how you made it. I am in Germany and i like to work with fondant, its not very common here. So i would be really thankful if you could give me a hint how to make chocolate fondant.

    • cakefun Says:

      Hi cakesforfun,
      Thanks, it was fun making this cake. The icing I used is a ready to roll fondant product we can get here in New Zealand (Bakels Pettinice) – already flavoured and ready to use out of the packet which makes life easy.

  2. cakesforfun Says:

    Hi cakefun,
    yes thats very easy :). I once tried to mix melted chocolate with my homemade fondant………….that was very interesting 😦

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