Bunny’s picnic

This cake was a bit different as was all icing models… if that’s what it’s called.  Was made over a few evenings.  Made the bunny’s first (that was the brief, needed to be something with long eared bunnies) perfect, had already been thinking of doing a picnic.

The picnic food consisted of pizza, apples, oranges, celery, bananas, toast, sandwiches, cups of hot chocolate.  A butterfly and a couple of bees also watched over the picnic.

Bunny's picnic
Bunny's picnic

And a couple of close ups of the bunnies

Brown bunny (my favourite)
Grey bunny

Why did I pic modelling this time?  Well I thought that it might be a bit hard to draw bunnies so figured modelling them might be easier. Very happy with the result.  Might need to find out about the difference between modelling paste, gum paste and fondant!  I made a modelling paste (I think) but found it still dried and cracked a bit.  More experimenting required!

The cake was loved by the recipient, and it was a lot of fun to make.

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