Ava’s 6th birthday cake request was for a Minions movie themed one, complete with Scarlet Overkill, Kevin, Bob and Stewart as characters on it.

We had been to see the movie together so I was really enthusiastic about this one… ok I’m enthusiastic about most of the cakes I’ve done, but particularly love doing movie themed ones.

Minions movie cake
Minions movie cake

The challenge with this one was to do Scarlet.  I had planned to have her standing up.  But I was having problems getting her dress right, the icing kept tearing, so change of plan I sat her down. This worked out better in the long run as she would have been quite tall.

I found the villian-con post image online and printed these to put around the sides of the cake.  I edited the conference date to Ava’s year of birth.

Ava loved the cake and had a fun birthday party with her friends.

Sugar flower bouquet

Earlier this year one of my lovely sisters got married. I help her out with the wedding cake. This was a great chance use some of my new sugar flower skills following attending a fantastic class with Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet the previous year.

I just adore Jacqueline’s flowers and style and did my best to capture the same.

Sugar flower bouquet
Sugar flower bouquet

The plan was to get the cakes supplied from a local store and my job was to do the decorating. They came iced with the base fondant already, unfortunately there were some issues with a couple of the cakes leaking so I had to do a quick bake to replace the top tiers. Gosh making wedding cakes is stressful!

I created and applied the lacework to the bottom tier.  This was done using a variety of flower cutters, veining and marking them by hand, sticking them on the cake, then going around and piping royal icing lace lines to join up the flowers. That whole process took quite some time.

The wedding venue was in Matakana, about a two hour drive away – a careful, slightly nervous drive!  I did have a cake repair kit with me in case there were any breakages on the way.  All was good and I got the cake assembled with plenty of time to get dressed and ready.  Phew!

She was very happy with the cake and had a great day, it was a beautiful wedding and they make a lovely couple.

Wedding cake
Wedding cake

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy a happy lifetime together.


I can’t believe my granddaughter is 4 years old.  For her birthday this year she chose her own cake theme.  It did change a bit over time, she was planning ahead.

It started out she just wanted a strawberry on her cake.  Then later she upgraded that to a strawberry and a dog, followed by a strawberry, a dog and a cat.  Next Madeline was added to the list, she just loves the tales of Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.  The final addition was an angry bird.

Ok, so the challenge was how to put all these elements together in something that made sense….

Madeline and her dog Genevieve having a picnic in the park, and should be able to fit all the elements in.  Here’s how it turned out

Madeline, some strawberries in the bowl of fruit and a blue (angry) bird on the park bench in the background.
Genevieve and  the cat.
Genevieve the dog watching the  cat playing with the fringe on the picnic blanket.
The full scene
The full scene


I’ve always wanted to do shoes on a cake, and for my friend’s daughter’s 21st I got to do just that. In all honesty it was a bit more than I bargained for as it wasn’t a standard pair of stilettos she was after, but platform boots with spikes running down the back!

Well I do love a challenge so got my thinking cap on. How to do this?! Thankfully I had plenty of time up my sleeve so could ponder on it for a while. Eventually I realised I’d better set to work and just give it a go.

Now I’m not a shoemaker or a seamstress so had to guess a bit at how to make a pattern that would work.  I started with the sole and set that to dry in shape (along with a few extra’s just in case). And did the same with the heels, and added the spikes. These also needed time to set before putting it all together.

A few days later I set to work and cut a pattern from paper that looked sort of right. Hmmm, when I tried to piece it all together it just wasn’t quite right, the pattern needed adjusting.  So set them aside and tried again. At this point I was thankful for the extra soles.

This time it worked better. It was very hard to stick it all together as the icing needed to be soft enough to mould without cracking but firm enough to stay in place. I stuffed crunched up Gladwrap (plastic wrap) in the shoe to help to hold the shape.


The cake itself was a triple layer chocolate with gnache filling, simply iced in white with black fondant lace around the front. This tied in with the black and white party theme, and black lace on the invites.


New cupcake flavours

While storms raged outside this long weekend I was baking up a storm indoors. Last week I started experimenting with new cupcake flavours. It has become an addiction now, looking for that ultimate cupcake flavour.

I had an extra day off so tried a few more varieties today. Thanks to the wonderful folk at A Touch of Italy for the samples to experiment with.

Samples of my latest favourites have gone out to a bunch of taste testers, I wonder which will be the most popular, Limoncello, Coffee and walnut or Coffee deluxe.